Pipe stress analyses & CAD/design

On the basis of years of experience and support in practical implementation and assembly, we carry out pipe system analyses, pipe socket calculations as well as individual verification for components.

From all information and in constant contact with the client, we produce a 3D model. Whether new build, conversion or modernisation projects for plants in the chemical, petrochemical and food industries, our CAD and design department will take care of your orders together with the departments for pipeline planning, pipe stress analyses and steel construction.

Civil engineering

We develop the static-constructive concept for customers from the most diverse areas and devise the finished structural solution, prepare verifiable, static reports as well as execution and production drawings through to the building application with authorisation to present building documents.


We plan steel and solid structures and Water Resources Act (WRA) areas in plant construction, both in new construction and for upgrades. In the event of an inventory redesign, we go on site and take all the necessary measurements.

Specialist planning machines & apparatus

The M&A planning and the M&A procurement are part of the machine and apparatus specialist planning in our company. These can be commissioned as sub-disciplines in an EPC project or as individual disciplines with a selected scope of services.

For example, the planning of:

containers, reactors, columns, heat exchangers, pumps, dryers, centrifuges, vacuum pumps, storage containers, storage tanks, filters, washers, units