Bilfinger Peters Engineering

Power & Infrastructure

Power & Infrastructure

Olkiluoto 3 - Finland

  • Basic + detail design (1,600 MWel); incl. PDMS administration support
  • Piping-spooling and welding seam documentation
  • Structural proof of steel platforms 

Taishan 1&2 - China

  • Basic + detail design  (1,660 MWel)
  • Planning and building responsibility for pump plant and access building
  • Studies in the reactor building

Steam Network Optimization & Calculation

  • Isometric drawing + visual control
  • Proofs for compensators, pressure- & temperature loss and stress calculation
  • Over 100 km pipes

Live Steam Pipe Biomass Power Plant

  • Basic + detail design incl. material selection
  • Design of support concept; stress calculation (ASME B31.3)
  • Proofs for special parts and pipe bends 


Studies Local Heating

  • Creation of process engineering concept & and investment cost estimate
  • Development of energy and mass balance 
  • Plant layout & approval engineering; Variant studies & profitability assessment

Supervision Waterworks

  • Rehabilitation concept for well water gravel filter of municipal power supply
  • Exchange and installation concept of defective raw water pipes
  • Revamp of a pumping station