Bilfinger Peters Engineering

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Compressor Station Extension

  • Design of supply steam and exhaust steam pipes
  • Connection between compressor, vessel and air condensor
  • Detail piping design

Cavern Storage

  • Design of skid supply of the sole-system incl. steelwork design
  • Detail piping design incl. structural proof with Rohr 2

Preheater for Gas Transfer Station

  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Plant and 3D piping design
  • Equipment layout
  • Steelwork design of pipe bridges


Feasibility Study for Compressor

  • Process engineering calculation of natural gas paths to the compressor stations
  • Stress calculation of exposed and underground pipes
  • Technical and economic considerations

Pilot Plant Design

  • Planning of pilot plant for biomass gasification; inspection/maintenance of cont. plant modifications & optimizations
  • Construction supervision & coordination support of initial operation