From analogue to digital: Bilfinger Peters impresses with laser scanning expertise

November 10, 2017

Bilfinger has extensive expertise in the field of laser scanning. This became clear once again at the eighth VDI annual meeting of plant engineers in Frankfurt am Main in November, at which Pascal Morović and Martin Karch from the subsidiary Bilfinger Peters gave a lecture entitled "Possibilities of laser scanning in existing plants – from analogue to digital – practical examples". The participants were very impressed by the insights gained.

In addition to the 360° panoramic view, the result of each laser scan is initially a point cloud with up to several billion individual points. Each point has a 3D coordinate and other optional information such as the reflectivity or the assigned colour value, which can be used to create a photorealistic image. As a result, even small details, such as labels on pipelines can be seen.

Pascal Morović is Head of 3D Support at Bilfinger Peters, while Martin Karch is responsible for Business Development. In addition to the range of services, the two experts mainly focused on the benefits of laser scanning on the basis of reference examples from well-known customers. At DuPont in China, for example, the construction time could be significantly reduced with the aid of laser scanning, thus making timely and successful commissioning possible.

The expert audience found the flight through the point cloud of the scanned plant of a current project particularly exciting. This makes laser scanning a visual experience and illustrates the planning possibilities offered by this technology.


DSc Ljuba Woppowa, Managing Director of the VDI Society for Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering