Tebodin Peters Engineering changes its name to Bilfinger Peters Engineering

September 27, 2017

  • Tebodin Peters Engineering GmbH operates now under Bilfinger Peters Engineering GmbH. 
  • The French subsidiary Tebodin Peters Engineering France SARL is renamed Bilfinger Peters Engineering SARL.
  • All business relationships will remain unchanged.  

The rebranding of Bilfinger Peters Engineering GmbH emphasizes the affiliation with the Bilfinger group. The previous name required explanation for many customers. Now with Bilfinger in its name and the corporate logo within the whole business equipment this is no longer an issue.

The company belongs to the business segment Engineering & Technologies and leverages its long-term expertise as a medium-sized engineering service provider to offer excellent qualifications to expand its market Position. As a traditional industrial service provider, Bilfinger Peters Engineering designs and develops customized solutions in cooperation with clients, including project management. 

  • These include feasibility studies, conceptual, basic and detail planning, cost estimate, authority engineering and the performance of calculations and analyses.
  • The company carries out plant equipment modelling, creates manufacturing documents and performs machine and apparatus layout.
  • Bilfinger’s portfolio includes static design concepts and structural support solutions as well as maintenance plans.
  • The company provides experts in the areas of laser scanning, as-built-analysis, stress analysis, CAD/CAE design and technical building services.

Having Bilfinger in its name makes it immediately clear that the company provides complete project services under one roof. The name component “Peters“ is retained in the new name and refers to the company Peters Engineering GmbH in Ludwigshafen, distinguished by steady growth since its founding in 1995 and acquired by Bilfinger in 2007.