Roadshow at the client Merck KGaA

May 18, 2016

The small but effective common exhibition

“The client comes first! It is about his satisfaction and of course the aim to generate more revenue.
So the portfolio has to be presented and explained to the right contacts,“ said Frank Schönel, regional manager from Tebodin Peters Engineering  during the roadshow at Merck, Darmstadt.

On the initiative of Frank Schönel the central procurement - Sourcing at Merck – contractual partner for engineering services has invited to Darmstadt to facilitate their responsibilities for technology and a better understanding of the service providers’ range of services and performance. The cooperation and the common presentation with colleagues from Bilfinger GreyLogix and Bilfinger IT Salzburg could confirm the idea of integrated planning.
The inter and crossdivisional approach is at home in all three entities in several places and has reached with this road show a new level of mutual trust and performance-oriented cooperation.

“In the first place we need trust for cross selling and trust needs time to grow,“ concluded Erik Vogel and Michael Kaiser after the exhibition.
Previously, they have held regular meetings to discuss different approaches to cooperation and coordination of actions for 2015. Bilfinger IT Salzburg is now the third partner!
Potential is abundant!

The Portfolio

All three entities offer expert, mutually supporting knowledge and experience from evaluation of the basics via pre-studies and detailed design to execution planning und initial operation including accompanying  validation:
GreyLogix is specialist in the area E/I&C-technology,  plans, develops and realizes, automatization solutions. Tebodin Peters is a longterm supplier for plant design for ultrapure media, revamps and building services. Furthermore, they perform operating management, qualification and validation.
The range of services of Bilfinger IT Salzburg covers planning, manufacturing, erection and initial operation of plants, according to requirements of FDA-regulations and GMP-guidelines.

Contact Persons

Tebodin Peters Engineering GmbH
Frank Schönel
Tel. +49 621 6506-401
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Bilfinger Greylogix GmbH
Michael Kaiser
Tel. +49 151 7272 7217
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Bilfinger Industrietechnik Salzburg GmbH
John-Patrick Lesser
Tel. +49 6221 65 069 17
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