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Maintenance Engineering

  Piping and structural inspection system

  • Non-destructive testing: ultrasonic wall thickness measurements, including grid measurement methods of equipment and containers
  • More than 20 certified employees -. To DIN ISO 9712 including audit manager level U3
  • Identification and evaluation of the current situation as condition-based maintenance inspection of pipeline networks on pipe bridges
  • Inspection of pipe bridges from structural engineering perspective
  • Elaboration of proposals for reorganization and optimization
  • Expert opinions
  • Latest technology enables ultrasonic wall thickness measurements of plastics and GFR.

  Preliminary inspection activities

  • Examination of pressurized equipment according to PED and industrial safety regulations
  • Inspection activities as a qualified person for pressure pressurized equipment (independently or on behalf)
  • Qualified persons for non-electrical explosion protection
  • Organization of examinations / approvals as interface managment between the customer and ZÜS, also in combination with regulatory and exterior inspections
  • Systems and process optimization:
    - Determination of the non-qualifying execution by the TÜV
    - Application of the current standards by TPE
    - Recheck and subsequent approval by the TÜV
  • Assessment, conclusion, optimization of safety devices if necessary: safety valve systems, tank protection valves and rupture discs
  • Execution of water hammer and dispersion calculations as well as stress analysis of meshed piping systems
  • Implementation and Expert commentary on statics, structural & pipe stress analysis, finite element calculations

  Shut Down Preparation

  • Revision documentation
  • As-built Documentation 
  • Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement
  • Test loops, blind flange lists
  • Schedules
  • Approval support
  • Installation monitoring
  • Documentation generation

  Plant documentation

  • Stocktaking of any kind
  • Change management
  • Digitalization of the plant documentation incl. Database Support
  • Spare Part Management / SAP
  • Creation / maintenance of any kind of documentation:
    - P&ID and PFD (process flow diagram)
    - layout plans, breakthrough plans
    - Foundation plans, steel construction plans

  System Modifications

  • Coordination of system modifications
  • Conceptual design
  • Detail design
  • Cost estimates
  • Scheduling
  • Calculations
  • Installation monitoring
  • Creation of documentation

  Hazard Assessment

  • Implementation and execution of GBU
  • Plant definition
  • Determination of assessment periods and responsibilities
  • Creation of documentation



  Laserscanning and the design in existing plants

  • Organization of laser scan Measurement
  • contact-free, complete and precise capturing
  • Evaluation of the point cloud inside of a CAD model / as-built records
  • Complete transfer to a 3D model
    (incl. Isometrics and equipment drawings)
  • Documentation of installation deviations and rework directly in the 3D model
  • Update of 3D-planning model to the as-built model in minimized time
  • Application of Truviews for system documentation without a 3D model
    (eg in not constantly accessible areas)

  Added value in the plant design through expertise

  • Frequent re-measurement in of the plant is avoided
  • Optimum utilization of space resources
  • Piping prefabrication with very high dimensional accuracy
  • Error rates decreases by collision avoidance
  • Affordable project implementation - shutdown times are reduced
  • Laser scanning is also combinable with "simple" CAD tools such as AutoCAD MEP and therefore it provides also for smaller projects an affordable technical added value

Tebodin Peters Engineering has been using laser scanning technology for more than 
15 years in its plant design. We can offer you a highly efficient team that also uses the Neo3D software we developed in-house alongside the commercially available tools to create virtual plants from the recorded data.
Laser scanning is increasingly gaining in importance, especially in the areas of planning refurbishment and upgrades for existing plants


Building Services

  General planning and project engineering

  • NEW-Planning:
    - Accurate processing of all planning phases of the HOAI
    - Design and dimensioning according to current standards
    - Construction in 3D AutoCAD
    - Clash Detection in 3D with plannings of other disciplines
  • Ventilation technology for cleanrooms, production and filling of sensitive substances
  • Rehabilitation of media supply systems: steam and condensate networks, drinking water networks with Emergency showers
  • Feasibility studies and analysis
  • Stocktaking of existing supply systems as P&ID and 3D CAD drawing
  • 3D modeling of energy and heating systems, etc.

  Ventilation Technology for cleanrooms

  • Preliminary and Detail design of  the ventilation and sanitary disciplines considering the customer-specific requirements for clean rooms
  • Market research and tender request  for the installation of ventilation in explosion-proof areas
  • Creation of bill of quantities for the ventilation and sanitary disciplines
  • Tender evaluation, support in awarding negotiation, creation of overall schedule

  Specials within the TGA planning

  • Risk analysis of drinking water systems
  • Construction management and installation coordination
  • Commissioning support

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