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Discipline Services

Civil Engineering

  Structural engineering in steel and solid works


  • Services in accordance with fee schedule for architects and engineers (HOAI)
  • Preliminary design and layout including elaboration of the structural design concept up to design solutions with estimated preliminary static design
  • Approval planning as creating auditable static calculation with all necessary structural calculations
  • Detailed and Manufacturing design as creation of arrangement and workshop drawings
  • Quantity lists, creation of connection forces for node connections, creation of formwork and reinforcement plans incl. steel part lists
  • Dimensioning of Anchorages of dowel and anchor plates
  • Dimensioning and layout of steel work anchorages (anchor screws, anchor rods, base plates etc.)
  • Realization of Finite-Element-Calculations for planar supporting structures (e. g. steel containers and vessels for plant design)

  Construction coordination and supervision

  • Creation of  specifications and  tendering support
  • Construction coordination and supervision
  • Acceptance of work and as-built-documentation


Process Engineering, Machines & Equipment

  Equipment Specialist planning


  • Design of Vessels /Reactors /Towers /Heat exchangers /Pumps /Dryers /Centrifuges / Vacuum pumps/ Storage containers/-tanks /Filters / Washers / Units
  • Layout and dimensioning according to PED, AD2000, EN 13445, ATEX, BetrSichV (German health and safety at work regulations), machinery and customer-specific directives and plant standards
  • Calculations according to AD2000, EN 13445 with DIMY and FERO
  • Creation of manufacturing drawings with MicroStation, AutoCAD and Inventor
  • Design of mechanical pressure protection systems: security valve and burst disk systems, over pressure and vacuum protection according to AD2000/EN4126

  Professional Procurement Engineering

  • Creation of technical specifications
  • Determination of tender concept
  • Tendering and tender evaluation
  • Schedule controlling, approval, installation and commissioning support
  • Performance of FAT and SAT
  • Development of service and operator‘s manuals incl. checks and incorporation into the client‘s documentation.


Pipe stress & CAD/Construction

  Pipe system analysis

  • Optimization of hanger concepts
  • Calculation of specials as jacketed, steel/enamel or PTFE pipes 
  • Stress evaluation according to EN 13480, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, FDBR
  • Design and layout of spring hangers, spring supports and rigid struts
  • Layout of compensators, springs and piping supports

  Special proof

  • Nozzle and component proof
  • Construction of special holders
  • Component proof on internal pressure incl. Finite element calculations

  Construction and modeling

  • Modeling of special supports
  • Modellierung der Sonderunterstützungen
  • Preparation of technical drawings and technical sheets by AutoCAD
  • Creation of P&ID’s, process flow diagrams (PFD’s) and planning schemes with MicroStation and AutoCAD PID

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