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Calculation & Analyses

Calculation & Analyses

Our experience in different sites and exchanges with relevant specialist departments allows us to offer services ranging from the failure analysis to proposals for improvements.Our "Specials" cover additional services which are not needed every day, but by regular use mayoffer a qualified solution also for your problem.Self-explanatory you get the "specials" in projects for supporting, but they can be ordered individually as example during an stocktaking.

  Mechanical Pressure Protection Systems

  • Defining and determination of pressure protections
  • Security valve systems
  • Burst disks
  • Overpressure and vacuum protection

  Dispersal Calculation

  • Determination of material data
  • Calculation of released mass flows
  • Calculation of gas propagation
  • Representation of explosion limit values
  • PronuSs® - Program for numerical accident simulation

  Water Hammer calculations

  • Stationary flow states
  • Transient flow processes
  • Dimensioning tasks
  • Formulation of operation and control concepts
  • Simulation Software SIR3S®

  System Loads ans Pressure Loss Calculation

  • Dimensioning of cross sections and insulation
  • Sizing of pumps
  • Checking parameters for network expansion
  • Proof of serviceability of existing systems
  • Simulation of various operating states or incidents in pipeline networks
  • Sinetz Software

  Risk Analysis Drinking Water

  • According to drinking water regulations and general, established technical regulations like:
  • DVGW Arbeitsblatt W551 (work sheet)
  • DVGW-Hinweis W 1001 (reference)
  • VDI/DVGW Richtlinie 6023a (guideline)
  • DIN EN 806
  • DIN 1988


  • Dimensioning & Surveying
  • Investigation
  • Supervision
  • Examination
  • Refurbishment
  • Drawing
  • Proof
  • Dialog

  Software Development / IT and design tools

  • CAD links with databases
  • Database applications (Access, SQL, Oracle)
  • Programming in various languages
  • Macro-programming
  • Interface programming
  • Application programming
  • Network  administration
  • Programming languages:
    Visual Basic, html, xml, cgi, php, asp, jsp, net, aspx, Javascript, Visual C++, C#, Pascal, PML


  Creation of Explosion Protection Document

  • Creation and rework of explosion protection document
  • Determination of safety engineering parameters to assess the explosion hazard
  • Zoning
  • Identification of zones within the layout plans

  Check of Inerting Level of Storage Tanks

  • Determination of weather-related volume flows
  • Determination of inert gas levels 1-3
  • Calculation of inert gas reserve needed to prevent flame penetration According to DIN EN ISO 28300

  Finite-Element- Analysis

  • Finite-Element- Analysis for planar structures and vessels
  • e.g. pressure- & storage tanks, columns, reactors, foundations and steel platforms
  • Proof-of-stability-assessments
  • Deformation-, stress and stability analyses according to current regulations
  • Improvement measures


… setting new standards by implementing the latest standards and regulations.

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